It helps you hone your soft skills- A good customer experience goes a long way for a brand. As you strive to become a better storyteller, you view things from the customers’ perspectives and understand the link between customers’ shopping patterns and social media behavior.

It teaches you managerial skills- Learning how to market products, pricing management, the art of cross-selling and up-selling, the inner workings of the supply chain- you get to build a microcosm of essential business skills when you run an e-commerce business

You’re learning curve is sharp- With access to real-time data, you can play around with various ideas and test what works best for business. This will help you hone the art of marketing.

The world wastes twice as much food as previously estimated — and rich countries are disproportionately responsible

Today’s online Markets allow users to get the wished item but not pocket friendly; Most of the users will add their wish bag and left the site and some cancel the order after seeing the shipping chargers. These and other forms of loss and waste claim one-third of the online shopping world, according to NRI BAZAAR we are intended to provide you good qualities of products with flat shipping charges. This is one of our business mantras to keep our customers with us. 

We in NRI BAZAAR initially faced so many issues by providing flat shipping charges. But as of now, we are happy to continue our service with it.

We are customizing the products for USA living people, we mainly focusing on their needs and usage of daily needs. This may come from the mind of missing our Indian land.

A person form USA mostly needs a tasty Indian foods and masala items for the temperature. We are focusing on the needed part and expertise in giving the needed items and delivering at right time in their hand. 

Buy a Product from us and enjoy your shopping…

The smell of a peppermint scented candle. The sound of bickering relatives. The sight of holiday lights strung around the tree. The taste of hot buttered rum. The feel of your plastic credit card between your fingers as you use it for that crucial last minute purchase.

Can it really be happening already?

It seems like we was just biting into our first juicy peach and now the winter holidays are barrelling toward us. No matter how tightly we close my eyes, cover my ears and duck the head, that four letter word creeps into our life. It’s time to SHOP.

When did everything become so rushed?

We remember November and December as wonderful months. The days grew cold and crisp. The leaves fell onto the ground. We sat by the fire after dinner, watching TV, as a family.

And the word shopping meant grabbing our coats, piling into the car and driving to the mall. A place where my senses would come alive with the surroundings.

No so anymore.

With the invention of the internet, shopping has changed drastically. Online sites offer better bargains, no waiting in lines, and no confrontations with angry shoppers. This is all very well and good. And I do my fair share of online shopping, but my senses are paying the price.

Instead of seeing life-like mannequins, we stare at clothes and shoes and purses inside little boxes lined up neatly on my computer screen. Cyber lights blink on and off in the borders with the intention of giving me that holiday spirit. But more often than not, they give me a headache.

We used to love to touch the merchandise. A soft cashmere sweater for mom. Fuzzy socks for daughter. We loved flipping through the pages of a book. And running our fingers over a shiny cover. Now we touch my keyboard and scratch the head.

After prolonged shopping sessions with my computer, the only thing I can smell is myself. I get so wrapped up in the wanting to finish that I sometimes forget to shower.

Online shopping doesn’t require much grooming. It doesn’t require interaction with real-live people. And after a while, it drives me senseless.

Sure, there are good bargains and no crowds, but something is missing: good old-fashioned holiday camaraderie.

Happy Shopping to all!